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Facebook to Yabaleft

facebook to yabaleft

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Boo osin is about to clock 25 years of age and is ready to do everything possible to get into a relationship and lose his virginity before his 25th birthday..He engages in a series of funny adventures to achieve his aim until he finally encounters ' the love of his life ' on Facebook. Little does he know that the steamy Facebook romance will lead him to his doom .. Hilariously wicked !!!...


" valencry " the origin

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Boo osin is a young, vibrant man in his mid twenties whose love life has been never for once active.. Following years of being single and with the burning desire to celebrate val and find love again in order to shame his friends, he meets bunmi .... Little does he know that this will be the beginning of greater probelm than he can ever bargain for .......

MY fourth Jamb

my fourth jamb

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.. no ask me description again.. the title is my fourth jamb .. i...

awuff dey bust belle

awuff dey bust belle

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a young social media addict attempts to defraud and take advantage of a network service provider ..the consequences of his " attempted 419" is unprecedented . Rib cracking, suspense filled and highly educative and entertaining, awuff dey bust belle is bound to keep you glued all the way.. do not eat pepper or be in the midst of crowd while you read.. awuff no go kill us oo....