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Many are facing a position and sustaining a life view that is frustrating and wasting God's investments of grace upon their lives. It is keeping them grounded, stagnant and unable to rise into their true potentials. Your positioning determines your lot in life and what determines your positioning is the state of your mind. Irrespective of where you are or what you have achieved if you want to step into a new level, a new upgrade, or a new kind of life. You need a reposition. And this is what Mindshift is about, mindshift will help you understand how to reposition yourself for continuous life upgrades. Mindshift is an invitation to take your life into your hands and rise out of your former life; an opportunity to make a clear distinction between where you are now and where you will be in as little as six months, yes! Because it doesn't take time, instead, it only requires the right knowledge and proper application consistently. If you pay close attention to the things in this book and you start to apply them and you continue to apply them, you will start to experience significant changes in your life....

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Since the beginning of the world and even current civilization, the greatest wonder on the earth has been mankind. The human race is the greatest investment and the most powerful resource of the surface of the earth. But it is unfortunate that most people live below their full capacity. There is an urgent need for people to realize the value locked up within them and also to know how to deploy those value the right way In the book ‘Unlimited’, you will find a sure pathway to lasting and true greatness and you will discover your potentials. As you read, you would be equipped with the tools needed to live a fulfilled and happy life whilst making maximum contributions to the world around you. In the Unlimited you are permitted to be nothing short of UNLIMITED!...

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