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The Help

the help

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Sometimes love seems so wrong, but can you tell your heart whom to fall in love with? The boss' son and the help don't fall in love; they fell in love and she is going to kiss and tell. Things can go very good or they can go very bad. Can she compete with the boss' son girlfriend who is way out of her league? An amazing romance, with enough drama and suspense to keep you spellbound....

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There was once a Chibok girl - Preview

there was once a chibok girl - preview

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To every girl child all over the world molested and discriminated because of her gender and venerability; which the Chibok girls are part of. Every girl is to be educated and respected for who she is. Follow this eventful piece full of drama and history....

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What we once believed

what we once believed

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How much can happen in the course of your university days? Danielle relives a full account of her life in the campus fellowship. A realistic/fiction novel, hilarious, witty and 100% true. A fun therapeutic read for all Christians....

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