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Prisoner of Guilt

prisoner of guilt

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Moshood Adebayo is the Strategic and Partnerships Manager (EMEA) at Hemas Oil and Gas. He lost his wife Amy eight years ago and could not move on ever since he sought closure. His colleague Justin Jones recommended therapy when he noticed Moshood’s performance at work was declining. Moshood let out a shockingly terrible secret, which was the root cause of his intermittent illness, during a session with Dr Paula Wilson. Prisoner of Guilt is a young man's quest for mental and emotional freedom....

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The Girl My Father Never Wanted

the girl my father never wanted

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Ifeyinwa was born when resources were intentionally scarce. Her father, a junior ranking Police officer, had vowed that his hard-earned money will not be used to put her through school, unlike her brothers. For many years she wanted to be her father’s favourite. She wanted to love him and receive his love, to call him Nna m, as her brothers did with affection moistened in their eyes, but she had to call him Sir. That was the farthest she could go, even when her heart tried to push away the ocean of hatred she had for her father, “Sir”, “Sir” was all she could whisper. The Girl My Father Never Wanted is an undiluted account of Ifeyinwa’s story of holding onto threads of hope amid bitterness, pain and seemingly unending chaos....

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