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Ìníkan is a fantasy tale of war, horror and romance, based solely on a female Jeruban General from a Yoruba clan of Jeruba, who finds herself after her fiancè from the igbo kingdom of Kasamba has been captured by Kasamban warriors. ...

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Bilisi: Rebirth of the Orisha #1.

bilisi: rebirth of the orisha #1.18+

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Enter a world or two of pure fantasy and wonder, as Bilisi Soneye discovers herself in more than one reality....

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Now, this is a story, not based on numbers, gender or strife. This is a story meant for all; regardless of culture, sexuality or religion. A story of seven, whose vocal fabric, would weave its way into your very soul....

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Oblivion's Continuum

oblivion's continuum

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In a world of many time-travellers and superhuman beings, Emily gets sent back to the year 2017 for her twentieth birthday celebration, granting her the privilege of seeing her great grandfather for the very first time. She makes a naive feeble attempt in a bid to alter the timeframe and save him from dying. But it ends up backfiring, making her the centre of unexpected twists of various events in the lives of those she loved and the people she never knew....

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