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George's Pieces Of Me

george's pieces of me

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George's Pieces Of Me is a collection of poems and short stories exploring the complexities of human existence, an unending search for homes in people and a journey towards redemption....

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Rich and Clueless Sharon Amadi embarks on a journey of self discovery to the city of Lagos. Follow her story as she faces the hurdles that Lagos presents her....

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All Fun And Games

all fun and games

1K reads

'All Fun And Games' is a fiction series which looks into the life of the young dashing and successful CEO, Aisha Bello as she tries hard to secure her inheritance from her father, Alhaji Bello. With help from her closest friend and confidant, Moira, Aisha plots a lie to deceive her dad into believing she’s found the love of her life, Craig, and releasing her inheritance and this starts out perfectly well…until it all becomes real. Love takes over…...

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Dear Future Husband

dear future husband

10K reads

Enter the everyday lives of three young beautiful ladies as they go through life and find love in the strangest of ways....

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