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Becomin' Mrs Carter

becomin' mrs carter

83 reads

Muna Igwe is not searching for love when she meets the extremely wealthy and irresistable Tade Carter. Neither is he. However, theirs is an instant attraction, one that soon develops into something stronger. But how strong is their love when Muna's past comes calling?...

Dangerous Passion

dangerous passion

216 reads

Toni had always been a good girl, or at least, the closest version to what it was to be a good girl. And even though her life was uneventful and she was bored stiff years after her German husband, Michael Garrn passed, she was still clueless on how to truly lose herself until she met Olumide, the strip club owner. Olumide 'Black Devil' Okubanjo was the quintessential bad boy; he had the looks, the body and of course the attitude. He also did really dangerous things and he was on a mission in Toni's life. However, one moment of passion was all these two needed for their lives to change but they also weren't prepared for the dark secrets that would not only shake their very foundation but might have them both killed. ...

With Love, From The Grave

with love, from the grave

126 reads

A dead guy strongly believes his wife murdered him. And since he's not got much to do in the after life anyway, he decides to stalk her from Heaven to confirm his suspicion. Except, he is not ready for half of the things he discovers. With Love, From The Grave is a simple short story which poses one of the most controversial questions in modern times; What happens when The One stops being The One? Do you leave your marriage and find happiness or does commitment come first....

SQUADI: The Originals

squadi: the originals

274 reads

Desperate to get his inheritance four years early, Hakeem Rasaq with the help of his friends, decide to scam his wealthy father. However, the most unexpected twist happens and their lives will never remain the same after it....

The Reunion

the reunion

3K reads

He'd been absolutely smitten by her when they were teenagers, crazy about her even when she'd made him realize they did not belong to the same social class. But now, years later, the tables had turned and he was the young handsome millionaire she desperately needed to save her from her financial woes. However, she was soon to learn that this might just not come with a Cinderella ending because the Prince did not want her heart... ...