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Billionaire Heiress of Lasgidi [Preview]

billionaire heiress of lasgidi [preview]

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What would you do if you're 19, fatherless and your only provider/guardian, your grandmother tells you you aren't fatherless, your Dad is richer than #Otedola and, he actually comes looking for you? Like he genuinely wants to be a part of your life and make your life well, easier? What would you do if that life brings along with it designer clothes, luxurious shoes, fancy automobiles, a golden ticket into the Nigerian elite crowd & wealthy Heiresses and Heirs WANTING to be your friend/lover? What would you do if you suddenly become a part of THE one percent? Wake up? I mean, I probably would. But Nimi Carew can't, even if she tried because this is her real life. Download the free preview of Billionaire Heiress of Lasgidi to catch up on the story of the newest Billionaire Heiress in Lagos, Nimi Carew....

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Billionaire Heiress of Lasgidi

billionaire heiress of lasgidi

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I knew one family my whole life – my maternal grandma, who raised me and well, seemed more interested in me than my mother who lived in faraway America. And that was pretty much okay with me until one day, grandma passed on and a brand new Daddy arrived for me at the Hospital. My brand new Daddy is none other than Tokunbo Carew. A billionaire in dollars, a walking heap of generational wealth and a major percentage of the one percent that constitutes Nigeria’s elite. Now, Tokunbo Carew wanted to give me a life I never dreamt I could be a part of. Yet, while I thought it was the most shocking thing that could happen to me, my growing attraction for Ryan Dokpesi, the son of a wealthy family who is nothing like my type, had me acting differently. However, while I tried to mend the relationship between my parents and me, I also had to deal with the real Ryan. Because I was quick to learn sometimes rich kids had two sides to them – the clear and murky sides. And while my growing attraction to Ryan was sidelined by staggering revelations from his recent past, I also had to confront a major demon from my own past too. ...

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Eyin Ese

eyin ese

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Princess Adeola's secret desire to rule her father's Kingdom is suddenly sabotaged by the ruggedly handsome and dangerous enemy, Oyekunle of Tede. This is quickly followed by murder, lots of blood, spilling of secrets and two hearts entangled in forbidden love. However, Adeola's insane romance with the enemy isn't the only thing that poses a threat to her desires, the enemy within she will never see coming also awaits her with his own plans. ...

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Dangerous Passion [PREVIEW]

dangerous passion [preview]

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Toni had always been a good girl, or at least, the closest version to what it was to be a good girl. And even though her life was uneventful and she was bored stiff years after her German husband, Michael Garrn passed, she was still clueless on how to truly lose herself until she met Olumide, the strip club owner. Olumide 'Black Devil' Okubanjo was the quintessential bad boy; he had the looks, the body and of course the attitude. He also did really dangerous things and he was on a mission in Toni's life. However, one moment of passion was all these two needed for their lives to change but they also weren't prepared for the dark secrets that would not only shake their very foundation but might have them both killed. ...

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Becomin' Mrs Carter [PREVIEW]

becomin' mrs carter [preview]

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Muna Igwe is not searching for love when she meets the extremely wealthy and irresistible Tade Carter. Neither is he. However, theirs is an instant attraction that quickly develops into something stronger. But how strong is their love when Muna's past eventually comes calling?...

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