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Finding Hubby

finding hubby

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The adventures of 35Year old Oyin Clegg and her Friends, Toke and Gloria, as they find husbands in Lagos....

The Ahosi

the ahosi

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A short-story that might become a book. A young Ahosi goes to her first war and discovers that all she had been taught is not as it seems. ...

Guardians of the Seal

guardians of the seal

36 reads

On the day Imani was supposed to get the crown jewel of her meteoric rise, she encountered a world she never imagined was there. With a plot ranging from the very beginning of creation, enter a world of angels, demons, dragons, swords, magic and love as we race with the Guardians of the Seals to save heaven and earth from a rampaging force that threatens to destroy everything...



2K reads

Yobachi is a novella that chronicles the journey of the eponymous character as she goes from being a young child to a legend...



2K reads

Child Abuse is the elephant in Nigeria's room. Tunde Leye brings it to the limelight with his most touching book yet! Enjoy it today......