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The Trek

the trek

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THE TREK is a fascinating tale of a twenty year old boy with the unquenchable longing for success in life. Akama would leave the comforts of his home in Calabar (his ever-loving conversations with Telma his sister, the peaceful nature of his home – Mom, Papa, Komaye), to the realities of the world; and in his case, the mega city – Lagos. He discovers a society that has been thrown into unimaginable shards where a great deal of people struggle to survive and at the same time, survive to struggle. However, in this same society, love and lovers still exist. We find Akama exposed to many unpleasant experiences, either through stories told him by Telma, Remi - the lady he met in Benji’s house or through his own personal encounters. However, his fate was protected by his determination to succeed which even led him to find love in Cindy. This beautiful piece of art shows how fate can at times be placed in the hands of nature and at other times, at the hands of nurture. Interestingly, Akama’s nature and the nurturing he got from home, gave him no other option than to succeed....

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