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Danfo Palava

danfo palava

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Come take this ride with me.....



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I’d always been present. Always. I’d been there when Madam Shiela began to have dreams of starting a fashion brand. I’d been right there when we had just six loyal customers. Her dinky apartment had been our base at the time; I couldn’t count how many times the Landlord threatened to kick us out. But I remained with her. I stayed back because we had a similar vision. I remained with her because I could see a brighter future. I watched our dreams slowly morph into a reality; the HOUSE OF SHIELA suddenly became a fashion thing. And just when I thought I’d reap from all of these, Madam Shiela decided to taint the once happy story.. I helplessly watched her take the entire credit for what was predominately my designs. I sadly watched her devilishly push me out of the limelight. All of my efforts were unfortunately tossed aside. But why? She’d adamantly refused to reply. ...

Akehinde Mi

akehinde mi

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Olodumare created us in a pair. I was named Taiwo, the one who came first. She was named Kehinde, the oldest of the pair. And we were the perfect replica of ourselves, even Maami could barely tell the difference. Akehinde would always have my back; She would constantly cover up for my lies. But unfortunately, things weren't the same as it used to be. Now, I was the remaining half of a pair that used to be.....

The Time Piece

the time piece

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The story began a long time ago, generations even before my very great grandfather. The timepiece used to be an unusual possession of my ancestors, with an essence, that was deceivingly unassuming. And I’d only adjusted the time to a little past nine o’clock, definitely not expecting to be zapped into a bizarre world of clocks. ...



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The story of a freshly wed, and a troublesome in-law.....