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A Small World - Season Three (A Few Good Men)

a small world - season three (a few good men)

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In this jam-packed third season of A Small World, The Church Girl and her family are thrown into another scandal when Samson is arrested for a felony. Jamie and Adania are locked in a custody battle, after she wakes up from her coma. Amaka has had enough of men treating her like a piece of meat and decides to take a film producer to court when he makes a pass at her. Meanwhile, Promise, Ope and Cindy find favour and a new beginning awaits after being Broken. Temi makes the hard decision of serving Oyinda divorce papers, but he compels her to go on a couples' retreat with Danny and Tolu. But what will happen when he finally learns the secret she's been hiding? It's An Emotional Affair all over again, when Amaka shows up at Bolu's office, requesting his services as a solicitor. Lola must now face the truth about her husband. Will he pass the test that only A Few Good Men will?...

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'Til Death Do Us Part (A Short Story)

'til death do us part (a short story)

248 reads

The story of Alicia, Adrian and Estelle, three friends caught in a love triangle. It is a story of love, marriage, infidelity and the worst kind of betrayal. The story unravels when Alicia discovers that she has contracted the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and decides to confront her husband, whose infidelity is well known....

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Beauty And The Beast

beauty and the beast

75 reads

Erhuvwun is the most beautiful girl in her small village. Everyone knows this, and her father, Onuoha, takes great pride in this knowledge. But one day, he makes the mistake of offering her hand in marriage as a wager on a sure bet. When Amadi wins the bet, Onuoha is distraught, but Amadi is determined to claim his prize; his bride. However, Erhuvwun loves Akpos. But since he left for the city about a year ago, she doesn’t know what to make of his promise to come back for her and marry her. At only 16 years old, she finds herself in a marriage to a complete stranger, who is not the easiest person to live with. He doesn’t respect her or women in general, and she soon finds out that her happiness in marriage is very much dependent on if she can birth him a male child. Amadi is a man unfamiliar with love. His father taught him that women are good only for pleasure and procreation, and it’s a man’s right to rule over them. He grew up in a home where his mother was despised, and his father’s other wives were cast away for only bearing daughters. When his wife suffers, not one but two, miscarriages, he’s sure that she is cursed. The problem, however, is that there’s something bewitching about Erhuvwun. Beauty and The Beast is a romantic story about how two unlikely companions discover themselves and find love in marriage....

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Perfect Love - The Preview

perfect love - the preview

10 reads

Unhappily married Onome meets her ex-boyfriend and "the love of her life" just months before her sixth wedding anniversary. Now, she can't get him out of her head, as she reminisces about way back when, recalling promises of unending love. It really doesn't help that they are now neighbours, and he seems just as interested in going down memory lane as she... After Temi finds and reads his wife's diary, he is certain that nothing can ever make them whole again. To make matters worse, he has already found comfort in another woman's arms. How do you fight to keep a marriage that your heart is no longer in...? If you loved Broken or An Emotional Affair, you will love this story about forsaken love, temptation, betrayal and redemption. It's an emotional telling from start to finish with lots of lessons about life, faith and marriage. This preview contains the prologue and first 12 chapters....

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The House Girl

the house girl

65 reads

Chinyere is excited when her Aunty Chinwe comes to take her to Abuja to work for a rich family, who have also promised to send her to school. However, six months later, she's still out of school and it looks like her emotionally unstable and needy Madam, Osinachi, has no plans on changing that. After a weird but special encounter with her Oga, Donald, Chinyere feels bold enough to bring up the issue with him, so that she can go to school like her mates. However, Osinachi's suspicions about the pair is awakened when Donald insists that Osinachi gets a nanny, so that Chinyere will have more time for her studies. Osinachi is determined to find out their secret, but is not ready for the other secrets that will be exposed, which threaten to destroy everything she has worked so hard to build......

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