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The Power Couple - Proverbs 31

the power couple - proverbs 31

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This book showcases the significant positive impact of the husband of the ‘Virtuous Woman’ of the book of Proverbs 31, on his wife. Though it projects him as from ‘’behind the scenes’’, she couldn’t have achieved all that without his support and encouragement. This work is meant to encourage wives to appreciate their husband’s contributions in their lives. It is also a wake-up call for the husband to love and support his wife in every ramification. In unity, the family stands solid and healthy. And the final result will be a role model home that glorifies God. All the family members will be complete like Noah’s and not fragmented like Lot’s. It becomes a family that will be taken up in the Rapture when the trumpet sounds....

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The Mystery of Marriage Unravelled

the mystery of marriage unravelled

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Is it possible to have a heaven-on-earth marriage? Can one stay faithful to one's partner for a whole lifetime? Unfortunately, too many people have contended with the possibility of this reality! Certain people have applied some well-known financial principles and practices that worked for them. Probably, you might know some of such persons among your acquaintances. If that could work for money, we should trust God to work it out for us in our marriage. The right mindset matters absolutely. If you believe, you will receive. ''For as a man thinks in his heart, so he becomes''. There is this negative perception about marriage; that "it is not just tough, but very hard!" So, as a result, some people enter into it with misgiving. Others do not want to get married, especially the younger generation! Lets unravel the mystery......

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