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dream again

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Unveiling God's Promise To Mature Singles In Times Of Uncertainty...

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While Waiting 7days Self Deliverance Prayer Guide

while waiting 7days self deliverance prayer guide

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This is a prayer guide culled from the memoir of Fikayo Adeyinka's While Waiting. The guide depicts detailed steps with scriptures on how to self deliver from the claws of spirit husband and other spiritual strongholds. You do not have to run about searching for how or who to deliver you from evil forces, there is power in SELF DELIVERANCE....

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While Waiting

while waiting

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This compelling memoir explores the journey, struggles and eventual victories of a lady desperate to find love. She shares her challenges as a child from a broken home, the search for love and validation, her hunger for spiritual growth and quite vividly her quest for deliverance from a debilitating spiritual bondage. This book through its humour, down to earth conversational tone and deeply researched scriptures exposes the conquest of light over darkness as well as the liberating power of God's word. It is a must read for every single person searching for freedom, meaning and fulfillment...

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