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Plot of choice and other stories

plot of choice and other stories

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A collection of Short stories that deals on life, relationship and adventure you wouldn't want to miss....

The Rebirth

the rebirth

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A kingdom ruined by war and a family betrayed by blood; a boy and his brother must learn what it means to be slaves. Will they be broken, or will they learn the meaning of strength? This historical story tells of black Americans, the slave trade, American civil war, rebellion and the campaign for freedom. A story that drives it's source and origin from the West African Coastal Empires, where civilization was at its apex before the invasion of slave traders and finally the establishment of black Caribbean nations....

Sex Before Marriage

sex before marriage

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A short story book that deals on the monster called " Sex ". Sex was designed by God for the purpose of man to replenish the earth and also as a source of intimate enjoyment between a man and his wife. But sadly in today's world, sex has become something of commercial business and has also been used to lure and destroy the destinies of many great men and women. ...

Agunwa The Lion

agunwa the lion

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A book written and Dedicated to one of the most loyal, humble , committed and peace loving soldier , Chima Udeani. Who died fighting insurgency in the North East on the 2nd day of November ,2019 at the age of 24. ...

The Toast

the toast

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A man falls in love with a woman of his dreams, but he isn’t the only suitor. What will he do to win her heart?...