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You Can Make It

you can make it

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Enduring success is not limited to a privileged few. Regardless of tribe, nation, tongue and even privileges, you can transcend the realm of desire for a successful life into the actual waking reality of success. Designed to fan the flames of godly success and lead you to break through the shroud of apathy and mediocrity, this book is an in-depth expose on: • The only way to success that will endure • Principles to follow to achieve godly success • Overcoming doubt and igniting hope for the reality of success • Guarantees for success • Personal and documented stories of ordinary men like you who have achieved success in life and ministry. This book also comes with encouraging words, quotes and spiritual revelations to propel you towards enduring success. ...

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Overcoming Procrastination

overcoming procrastination

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Procrastination can be overcome. It may seem like a daunting endeavour but it is a proven fact. Procrastination has no positive sides. It reflects to a large extent an inner struggle with self-control. Discover how you can effectively overcome procrastination with discipline and conscious effort in this book which details • the actual reasons for why procrastination can thrive • types of procrastinators • tips to stay ahead of procrastination and • strategies to effectively getting tasks done on time Procrastination is a subtle thief, depleting your potential to achieve excellent results. Dive into this book and find deliverance....

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