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The message of the Old and New Testament is the death and resurrection of Christ. This is the central message of the entire Bible. If we find the implication of Christ’s death and resurrection, we have found the message of the entire Bible! This is what this book is all about. We are focusing on the facts of resurrection for the believer, hence the coinage, RESU-FACT – Resurrection Facts. What does it mean that Christ has risen from the dead? What is the implication for the believer today? What does this mean to God and even to Satan? These and more we seek to unveil in this book. If you seek to understand the truth about the death and resurrection of Christ which is the message of the entire Bible, then stay with us on this book as your heart will explode at the things God has accomplished for you in the resurrection of Christ....

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The God You Never Knew

the god you never knew

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Truth be told, I have discovered that, many do not sincerely doubt the existence of God, rather they question His nature. They wonder what kind of God kills people for disobeying Him and yet insists that we must not kill. They ponder on the kind of God that sits in the heavens watching His children suffering and dying. They are astonished at a God that created a devil to tempt His people to sin. This God must indeed be a tyrant! Where was He when everything went wrong? So the question in people’s heart is not really whether there is God, the question rather is what He is like. The question is about His nature and character. If any of the above questions or any other questions about God are your concern, then stay with me on this book. You might have lived all your life believing rumours about God but the light is here. Relax, let’s delve into the bible for the answers you’ve been waiting for. Sit tight as I reveal to you THE GOD YOU NEVER KNEW....

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