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Who killed Madam Rosa

who killed madam rosa

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A gripping tale of sex, crime, and suspense. On a hot afternoon, when the high and mighty of Ikoyi have gone about their business, an old gardener picks a disturbing stench from the cottage. The body of Rosa, the queen of strippers and sex goddess is discovered with no traces leading to the killers. Another young lady turns out dead on the beach shore, leading to series of deaths. Who killed them and for what reason? An old woman is in the business of migrating young ladies from villages with a promise of a better life in her brothel. Dike and Nkiru were high school sweet hearts until one day, Nkiru disappears and Dike leaves for the city. Both later meet in the busy city of Lagos with different identities, falls in love but in different circumstances. Dike, a police officer, gets a distress call and he responds with his team, unfortunately, Rosa's case takes him knee deep into uncovering the different facades of the force and a past he dreaded. Nkiru, a teen, escapes a patriarchal suffocated background but finds herself in a city where she must give it all up to men with different sexual appetite for survival. Would both give up? There is only one way to find out! Chilling, gruesome murder, and the kick backs by the corrupt force to cover its tracks. You can't read a better master piece this year than Who Killed Madam Rosa....

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