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Letters From Hell - Adult Only (18+)

letters from hell - adult only (18+)18+

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I have been struggling with depression for a long time now, longer than I have ever admitted to. Writing has always been my escape, I write when I am down, and I write when I am not. But I am mostly down, my shoulders are too weak to continue carrying the weight of the world. This book is a compilation of all the short stories and poems I have ever written, and they all came from a place of fear, of despair, of little but undying hope for a better future. I hope this book will make you even stronger than I will ever be, I hope you find hope in my fears, I hope you find strength in my weakness, and I hope you continue to fight no matter how bad it gets. Today is not the day we stop fighting....

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Catharsis - Adult Only (18+)

catharsis - adult only (18+)18+

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I give you my whole life in chapters. I have stripped myself in this book, I have given you my vulnerabilities, you can judge me, crucify me, condemn me, hate me... As long as you are absolutely sure that you are God. ...

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