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An Unforgettable Christmas

an unforgettable christmas

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My name is Oluwatamiyo Bamisaye, but you can call me Tami. The firstborn of the four children of my family, (three girls and a boy), I'm thirty-three and single. Yes I know you don't need to look shocked have heard it all from my mother, who never misses a chance to remind me of my singlehood as if I don't know it myself. I mean it does not really count if I am doing well in my career as a medical doctor, saving lives every day; I need to be married to establish my womanhood....

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Playing For Keep

playing for keep

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Successful Architectural firm owner —Arabella Thorn distrusts men, still she agrees to the marriage proposal from Congressman Aiden Price. Love is not part of the bargain; it's about what's convenient for both. For Arabella, it's for her unplanned pregnancy and sick mother's health. Aiden on the other hand could not afford any scandal in his political career. But when a secret about Arabella's past was revealed, it causes her to question everything she believes in about herself and marriage. Is her distrust for men unfounded? Will she give love a chance with Aiden? Or will she allow her past to continue to dictate her future. All is fair is fair in love and politics....

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Bound to Him by Law

bound to him by law

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The Third book in the enchanting new contemporary romance, Bound to him series featuring the Gbadegesin Princes who are about to meet their match. Playboy Prince Leonard Gbadegesin past came calling in the form of a four year old child he knew nothing about and the beautiful mother—Claire, he thought he would never see again. He was ready to take up his responsibility, until his father— The King, revelation spins his plans out of control. He must marry the mother of his child or else an ancient curse that will make him loose his virility will come in to play....

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Bound to Him by Baby

bound to him by baby

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The Second book in the enchanting new contemporary romance series featuring the Gbadegesin Princes who are about to meet their match. Prince Henry and Kezia were first introduced in the first book 'bound to him by debt'. There are two things Prince Henry Gbadegesin is not ready for—marriage, nor does he want anything serious or complicated with any woman, most especially— Kezia Clarke, the little flirt. He has his bitter past to thank for that, and flashbacks to constantly reminds him of why it's important not to lose his focus. A request from his sick father forced him to hire Kezia into his company despite his reservations about her, a move that cost him his freedom. Now she's pregnant for him as a result of the night he lost grip on reality and took her virginity from her. The honourable thing to do is to marry her, but loving her was not in the equation, or can she melt the ice around his heart with her gentle nature?...

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Bound to HIm by Debt

bound to him by debt

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There are worst things that can happen to someone, apart from being forced into a marriage—Pregnancy perhaps? Lola Benson run away from Billionaire Prince William just few weeks after they both said yes I do. A marriage she was forced into because of the debt her late father owes, but is her unplanned pregnancy an enough reason to stay in a marriage with the man she loathe? ...

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