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Heartistic is a collection of poetic writing that takes the reader on a journey of heart felt, relatable and never before written poems about loving, heart break, healing and the essence of life....

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A Date With Jollof

a date with jollof

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If you're checking out this description, you probably love jollof rice as much as millions of people do right now. This book was meant to be for the Okada books jollof themed writing contest but due to some circumstances, it was not submitted. Think of jollof, the spirit lifting smell and taste. Now think of a book that tells the tale of an unlikely hero, a plucky villain and his encounter with jollof....

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Musings And Personal

musings and personal

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Written by a student of the University of Ibadan, the book delivers poetry in a beautiful form that can be related to. Different topics are written about in a form that's enjoyable....

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