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Sea of Broken Things (Preview)

sea of broken things (preview)

11 reads

The Dark Times are finally Here… When the Golden Calabash goes mysteriously missing, the world as all know it is on the verge of utter destruction. Within Iloba, a conspiracy to return the Dark Lord to power slowly unravels. It is up to a priestess of the Elysian, a crown prince, a royal guard and a widow – a most unlikely band of heroes – to find the Calabash and stop the world from being plunged into chaos. Omifunke would never have imagined that she, an ordinary priestess, might ever journey into the dreaded Dark Lands or battle demons, but this quest proves to her just how much she knows about her life. ...

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King Asabi's Husbands

king asabi's husbands18+

21 reads

Asabi's mother was convinced that Asabi would never find a husband. But, could you really blame her? Asabi wasn't beautiful according to the standards, she was a headstrong, defiant and sharp-tongued woman. To make matters worse, Asabi had her head cleanly shaven. Only widows shaved their head, not young women hoping to catch the eyes of eligible young men. This book is centred around the lives of the defiant Asabi, the raving mad Bejide, the industrious Asiyah and the ever passionate Omotola. ...

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Accepting Love

accepting love

86 reads

A year after the Elizabeth and Derek’s saga, Deborah, Beth’s sister and Godwin, Derek’s brother’s story begins. Deborah and Godwin have strong feelings towards each other, at first they misinterpreted it, but when they realized that what they felt was love, they are inhibited from accepting that love due to the trauma they had both suffered in the past....

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SHE - Adult Only (18+)

she - adult only (18+)18+

59 reads

This is a collection of five stories which depicts the lives of eight women as they deal with conflicting emotions, insecurities, hypocrisy, sex, love, romance, sufficiency,tough decisions, self-awareness, friendships, depression and generally everything else that affects the day to day living of an average African woman. Warning: This book contains strong language and intense sexual scenes and it is therefore not suitable for readers below the age of 18....

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Remembering Love

remembering love

640 reads

After Derek was involved in an accident, Elizabeth spent everyday by his side, caring for him, talking to him, helping him recuperate even though he was in a state of coma. When he finally wakes up, he doesn't remember her, his girlfriend of over ten years. In addition to not remembering her, he also hated her and couldn't explain why. ...

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