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Above Average Love

above average love

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Chioma has only one desire: and that is to regain the respect and love of her family which she had lost by not meeting their expectations. So when she finally gets an opportunity to prove herself, she seizes it with both hands and pursues it so passionately that she becomes blind to everything else, including the ultimate, precious gift of true love right in front of her. Will her eyes open before it is too late? Falling in love is the last thing on the mind of Biodun, after all, who thinks about love when one is burdened with so many challenges and struggling to survive? But then he stumbles upon Chioma and he finds himself unable to look away…....

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Tessy's Time: A short clean romance

tessy's time: a short clean romance

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Tessy has been ready for a long time to settle down and start a family. She had given it her all in the relationship she was in, but it wasn’t happening. Afraid that this will never change she eventually realizes that she may have to take a step that could see her lose what may be her only chance of ever making her wish come true. But is it worth the risk?...

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