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Translating Your Addictions to Money

translating your addictions to money

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Addictions either good or bad can bring you profit in as much as you understand how to handle it. And that is where the problem is! Only few people know how to use what many see as a disadvantage to their advantage. Translating your addiction to money is a done for you book on how you can turn your addiction to money. This book is a new generational insight and an eye opener to the dimensions of mental shift to activate destiny shift. It provides you with a blueprint to identify who you are, what addiction cycle you are in, the things that drive you and how you can eventually turn your addiction to money just like various successful people have done in the past. Another good thing about the book is the balancing with the Word of God. Aside from this, it tackles the problem of mindset. This, definitely, is a book you want in your library to help understand and handle your addictions....

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