I love crime and romance books the most among others, and that's the genre I weave together when I write; although sometimes, I separate them. (I... more

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Wrong Number

wrong number

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The story followed a very strict, self compulsive, God fearing, feministic Bidemi, who found herself squatting in the island with "small girl, with big God" Margaret (two unlikely people) . It was an excruciatingly bad experience being fed, clothed and sheltered by someone you hate her hustle. She got arrested by her strange caller the day she was to attend an interview to finally get a job and turn things around for the better. After much twist, she was faced with a life time changing opportunity, but had to pay a price that resembled that of Margaret's hustle. A night. She did all her best to resist the temptation, but it turned out her strict personality wasn't enough. She would need the help of her strange caller. ...