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Diary of a Lagos Wedding Planner

diary of a lagos wedding planner

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My clients and I had been planning this wedding for months because it was going to be a big affair, attended by the elite in society. Pearl—the bride-to-be—had been dating her fiancé for five years, and she kept telling me how much he loved her....

The Night My Dead Girlfriend Called

the night my dead girlfriend called

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Badoo kept receiving calls from his lover after her death. Since the interment, they had not missed their daily bedtime phone conversations, just the way it was since they started dating. The only time they’d skipped their routine were the days between her death and her burial....

In the Shadows of Iyanibi

in the shadows of iyanibi

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“Look at your sister,” the boy said, grinning mockingly. “Sitting on her own and talking to an ija-ja. Who spends all their time talking to a bush baby? She’s crazy too. ”The rest of the children in their age group laughed. Some pointed fingers at her sister who was sitting under a tree and talking to a little creature with huge amber eyes....

The Beautiful Ones Have Not Yet Died

the beautiful ones have not yet died

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“A f’ope f’olorun L’okan ati l’ohun wa Eni s’ohun y’anu…” I closed my eyes as they sang the Yoruba hymn, allowed the words to sink into the core of my being. I felt nothing … as expected. Question: Why do I do this to myself? ...

Holy Sex: A Church Erotica - Adult Only (18+)

holy sex: a church erotica - adult only (18+)18+

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Pastor Samuel, general overseer of Saving Grace Inc. and a very married man, loves working miracles in the beds of female congregants. He claims that his semen a.k.a. "Holy Milk" has spiritual properties that can bring women all manner of success. ...