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Gbene Efop Dum

gbene efop dum

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This collection of poems was written in the Khana language of Ogoni and translated to English. If you wish to see how indegenous language function in creative writing, check this out! ...

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On Becoming Thirty and the Gift of a Blue Sky

on becoming thirty and the gift of a blue sky

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I am thirty and I have fears. But somehow, I have managed to stay sane and optimistic. I have tried to find out where I put all that years but while I may be tempted to play down on the little miracles of breathing and believing, there has been great support and faith from family and friends. And my health hasn't deteriorated. This is my collection of thoughts, of how I feel and what I am grateful for at thirty. ...

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A Tiny Place Called Happiness

a tiny place called happiness

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"Nwilo writes with a quiet and fiery validation of African Englishes, specifically a certain Nigerian English - how refreshing! This is exactly the sort of re-imaginative work that lovers of African fiction have been awaiting. A Tiny Place Called Happiness is a triumph for orature in literature everywhere!" Donald Molosi, Author, We Are All Blue. ...

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Diary of a Stupid Boyfriend

diary of a stupid boyfriend

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"I found what I love to see in a story in 'Diary of a Stupid Boyfriend': readability, inspiration, wisdom and magical ordinariness. Even my critique of pidgin interference in our recent stories is promptly addressed with a mosaic of words and attitude of perhaps contrasting taste." Offor Aluka "Only a caring woman comes to you when you are on the farm, not minding whether your harvest would be a disgrace or bountiful." DSB...

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