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Tears Are Not Enough [ free ]

tears are not enough [ free ]

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"Death is like a roll call to slumber with no orderly criteria and a kick in the teeth. It doesn’t matter who you think you are," Mum used to say. She was bloody right! So, how do I tell Dad to love, honour and respect his wife? To the brave, what is the true value of life when the unexpected happens? Twice, Amara Kash had fallen. Twice, she'd gotten back up. But her return to Lagos would change everything. For all concerned, it was only the beginning of unfolding events! A sombre tale of love, loss, greed, myth, and the ultimate resolve of one immigrant to succeed against all odds. ...

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Secrets of Agent 13 - Adult Only (18+)

secrets of agent 13 - adult only (18+)18+

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Colin Benz, aka Agent 13 is 25, darkly handsome, ambitious and willing to take a chance. Oryana Yelzinski is ten years older, petite, twice divorced, wiser and worth millions. When a chance telephone conversation for a property valuation suddenly brought them together, it sets him on a roller-coaster path of sex, jealousy, lies and a romance that will change his life forever. And then, there was the beautiful Yvonne Blakely-Tat, who knew a secret that could bring his world crashing down. Will she?...

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