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Across the Desert

across the desert

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"If you love historical fiction or movies like Troy and 300, you definitely need to get this one. The author did amazing job telling this story, and it covers issues like feminism and religion. It's a good read." - James Greene. (LiteMag). Mali Empire was the richest empire around the Sahara Desert. Two-third of the world’s gold came from them, and with all those riches came greed, war, hate and fear. There was an internal struggle between the royal family and the Great Assembly. The royal family had to rule and control the empire and at the same time, deal with enemies from within and outside the empire who had sworn to take them down....

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Kingdom Tales

kingdom tales

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Kingdom Tales is a dystopian allegory to the events that took place in Africa after the end of colonial rule in most African nations. When the eagle king, Hasha, came home from a long battle against the bats, he found out he had missed his family so much, so he appointed a new General, Uzza, to help him run the kingdom. But secretly, General Uzza engineered the execution of King Hasha’s close friend, General Kayel, who he thought would be an obstacle to his secret plan. When Uzza’s plan was ready, he stormed King Hasha’s palace with the help of rebels terrorizing king Hasha’s kingdom. He managed to turn the kingdom officials against King Hasha, and they exiled the king to a kingdom they thought he wouldn’t survive living there. Luckily for Hasha, he survived. He stayed in the kingdom and made new friends. When the time came, he started planning of way to get back his kingdom, even at the expense of working with his old enemies, and giving up secrets no one ever knew about. ...

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