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Twisted in a Positive Way - Full Version

twisted in a positive way - full version

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<b>5 out of 5 star reviews... </b> <br> <br> "...If your dreams are being discouraged or disparaged in any way you should read this charming, well-plotted beautifully written book." Howard Lipman Amazon Reviewer <br><br> "...This book is entertaining, inspiring and didactic. It is filled with nuggets of wisdom that would change lives. If you are getting discouraged about a dream or vision, this is a book to read, it is a story reminiscent of Paul Coelhlo's "The Alchemist."" Manny Olawale Amazon Reviewer <br><br> "I really enjoyed reading this book. It follows the story of a girl named Adaugo as she works hard to achieve her dreams despite all the adversaries she faces. It is a well written and heart-warming story, and the end left me with a smile on my face!" Amazon Reviewer <br> <br> <b>Book Description</b> <br> <br> A girl with big dreams. A land with strict societal rules. A spirit that will never die. Young Adaugo has lived her life according to cultural expectations. Any semblance of building a life of her own was actively discouraged for young women like her. But Adaugo is not like others who came before her; she is born of strong spirit and mind, she knows there’s something more for her in the universe, but finding that will take strength she never knew she had and a deep understanding of what it is to listen to the voice within and grasp all life has to offer, no matter the obstacles placed in front of her. Follow Adaugo as she navigates through life, loss and heartache in a world built to stifle her loving spirit. Will she be able to stave off the temptation to give in to societal expectations to live life as her authentic self? Or will she give in like those gone before her? <br> <br> More Praise from Twitter... "...Easy to read and an enjoyable story with some good morals, well done!" @Samanthaldunn <br> <br> If you are looking for an inspiring and romantic story filled with deep valuable life lessons...Twisted in a Positive Way is the book for you....

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Twisted in a Positive Way - Sample

twisted in a positive way - sample

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Spanning decades in the heart of Mushin, Lagos Nigeria, this coming-of-age tale of a charming heroine unfolds delicately and is based on the story of a young girl, Adaugo who faces difficult odds. The loss of a loved one and navigating cultural expectations and gender roles are major themes in this personal narrative documenting the growth and learning of a young girl with big dreams. As Adaugo listens to the still small voice within her, her growth from a young girl in boarding school to a precocious brave woman is studded with precious gems of divine insight. Her journey is one that any person, young or old will learn from as it illustrates the beauty and triumph of dreaming big and never giving up....

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