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NWOGORI THE BEAD CHILD(How bead lost its value)

nwogori the bead child(how bead lost its value)

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"Nwogori The Bead Child" is a modern day children classic, placed in the same league with titles like 'Snow white and Alice in the wonderland'. its a typical Nigerian heart-touching illustrated story of a barren woman who after a long search for a child got one with a bead around the child's waist.She was gravely cautioned to safe guard it jealously but amidst critical circumstance she thought she could not control,she lost it. Its one of those stories of how and why certain things had seem the way they are. More of children story book but everyone (adult inclusive) who loves short story book tend to while away times with good reads like this....

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THE TORTOISE AND THE MUD DAUBER(How tortoise got a bald head)

the tortoise and the mud dauber(how tortoise got a bald head)

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Here comes Chuks Wealth again in his exhilarating and richly colourful illustrating story, narrated in such a way that young listeners and readers will find them easy to understand and enjoyable,a Children's favourite story of the greedy tortoise and the mud dauber insect- A very captivating tale of how excess greed and short-sighted cleverness never pays off.The lazy trickster tortoise swindled the tiny mud dauber insect. He thought he would forever reap from where he barely sowed and go scot-free but then even as the tortoise have a reputation in fraudster he was beaten in his own game....

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