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Guardians: The Awakening

guardians: the awakening

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Hunted and mortally wounded by an ancient foe, Queen Amina’s one great task has never been more important or imperilled. In desperation, she casts her fate, mantle and relics of power 400yrs into the future, into the hands of a teenage girl: Hadiza. With no say in the matter, university student Hadiza Ibrahim finds she has inherited Queen Amina’s enemies; evil and powerful beings from another dimension hell-bent on the destruction of her people. But she also receives the Queen’s mighty weapons and supernatural abilities. She sets out with the one ally she can trust, evading enemies on all sides, from the forests of Zamfara to the hills of Abuja on a quest to fulfil Queen Amina’s task and become the new Guardian of the North. ...

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The First Link of a Broken Chain

the first link of a broken chain

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Nana is kidnapped from Chibok; still a child at 16 she must defy the most terible of odds and escape brutal terrorists and corrupt military officers. Nana learns that help can come from the most unlikely places and that no situation is ever truly hopleless as fate takes her on a journey from Chibok to Abuja. But can she find her way home?...

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