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Phenomenal Wisdom

phenomenal wisdom

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Phenomenal Wisdom is embedded life changing facts... You never want to miss out on. Isn't it astonishing to find out that the father of motion Isaac Newton died a virgin? Or that a four year old boy would ask over four hundred questions daily? These and many more facts are compiled in what the fuck facts 2...

What the Fuck Facts

what the fuck facts

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What love can a man that he'd almost got himself killed because he wanted his heart donated to his dying brother? Did you know that your favourite beverage drink coca cola only has two people who have the recipe living? See how loyal bees are as they chase a grandmother in her car for 24 hours because their queen was trapped inside in what the fuck facts... A fortnightly series of facts that will leave you screaming "what the fuck."...

Save the Last Breath: Warrior of the Curse

save the last breath: warrior of the curse

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“Save the Last Breath: Warrior of the Curse” is Tolulope Williams’ third book which has the intriguing story of three men whose ancestors were caught in the web of a cult – the threefold cord. The three men who became the pioneers of the growing and peaceful community of amuwo – odofin, south west of Nigeria, suffered greatly for breaching the rules of the cult, injustice on a woman because she had twins and also opposed the fascism movement of the threefold cord government. The oldest of the descendant of the trilogy Benjamin Jayeoba fought death and initiated the move to dissolve the threefold cord and lift the curse that denied him access to the throne for over thirty years. Did he win the battle? Find out as Tolulope takes you through the surviving feat of the only “warrior of the curse” in “save the last breath”...

The Achiever

the achiever

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This is a non - fiction book written to encourage the reader that success can be achieved, irrespective of the challenges involved, and how it can be achieved. Ideas are seeds that have to be implemented and nurtured to success...the achiever will take you through the steps to achieve success in any dream, a handful of people who had gains after their pain: Lionel Messi, Pastor Nick Vujicic who had no limbs etc....

Friends and foes

friends and foes

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Drama ensues as three friends learn in the hard way that the fourth man in the friendship was the actual villain of the piece. Friends and Foes unveils to you the dangers that trusting the wrong person could bring...