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Black Veil - Adult Only (18+)

black veil - adult only (18+)18+

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Daniel Ekemini is a serving youth coup member in a small village in sokoto state, having a Bsc in architecture he is sent to teach further mathematics in a community high school. There he meets Musjidat and becomes helplessly attracted to her, little did he know he was about to match the tail of a sleeping lion. Daniel soon finds out that Musjidat is betrothed to the highly fear Alhaji Shehu but this discovery does nothing to quench his unexplainable attraction to the young 16yr old....

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Stolen Heart

stolen heart

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Eki is a young lady who had fallen in love at a tender age but had lost that love. Several years later, fate blesses her to reunite with her first love but there was a woman in his life now. Or so she thought. Would she get a chance to confess her undying love for Zack? Would he reciprocate? She was stuck and her heart had been stolen by this gorgeous man...

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The Big Secret

the big secret

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Catherine's life is normal with her cute son but she desperately needed a man in their lives. She almost get involved with Jeff playboy Banjo Black shows up in her life and demands he's here to stay....

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The wedding shock

the wedding shock

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All Jadel ever wanted was to get married in a big church with huge windows and have pretty flower girls and bridal train. She's about to accomplish that biggest dream of her life but nothing prepared her for the shock before her wedding day....

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