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Kukuma Kill Me (#CampusChallenge)

kukuma kill me (#campuschallenge)

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Name: Derrick Chidumebi Iwuoma School: Olabisi Onabanjo University Level: 400 Level Story’s Word Count: 4,170 Title: Kukuma Kill Me (#CampusChallenge) Genre: Adventure Synopsis Life in No Sorrow House was a living hell for Eket who moved into the beautiful city of Lagos about a year ago in search of a job. Unfortunately, reality has dealt him a worse fate than his expectations. Waking up to deal with Mike the notorious troublemaker should have given Eket enough hint that no one starts a good day without first going down on their knees to pray. On a day when he is to attend his oral interview, he has to cope with the embarrassment he causes Mama Sade and also fight the war against Mama Asabe’s hen, cope with a lying preacher and a judge of a passenger, His hopes and expectations eventually get bashed at the job interview where he meets half a thousand of his kind awaiting the same thing. After waiting for hours they are all dismissed by one of the directors who ensure the soldiers restore memories of the average Nigerian home training back to the aggrieved youths of whom Eket falls a victim. Weary, he falls asleep in a public bus on his way home and he has his phone stolen only for him to get home to find power officials threatening to disconnect power supply. All ends with Tunji, the Landlord’s son comes to remind him of the NEPA bill. ...