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broken nigeria(#lipfest18)

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Broken Nigeria is a poetry that talks about the ills happening in our society today. ...

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What happens when you watch everything you've ever held dear shatter without warning in the blink of an eye? Loretta's life turns into a heart wrenching nightmare when Her mother loses the battle to cancer, This leads her father to a life of misery and addiction, struggling to be the family's breadwinner, she finds herself a victim of sexual assault, she swears to get her revenge in anyway possible!!...

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Name - Odum Chisom 200L Department of education foundation (English) Nnamdi Azikiwe University Do you believe in doubles? Mirabel and Jane never believed till fate brought them together. *MIRAGE*,a story of two ladies with striking resemblance but different background and statuses. Amazed by their resemblance, these ladies are pushed by their thirst for a thrilling knowledge of their roots. They switch their lives in their quest to know the story behind the curtains. Will they find the results they expect or will their search draw them even further apart from the truth. Find out in this heartwarming, suspense filled tale....

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TIME TURNER(#CampusChallenge)

time turner(#campuschallenge)

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Desmond Charles, 200L Department of Guidance and counselling, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, 3212, Time turner is a story about a man who's wife had an accident with their unborn child, John was crushed by guilt for not being able to pick her up before the accident, but fate takes a twist as he finds a watch that can take him back in time, can he stop the accident from happening and save his wife? Find out in this thrilling story of love and adventure, don't blink or you might miss the tale....

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