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Matters of the Heart

matters of the heart

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In rare situations when you think you understand why people behave the way they do, why two lovers move in opposite directions; why one is clingy and the other is just fine even when there's a break in communication, will your understanding help you deal with these different persons respectfully? Will you be able to "help" them because you simply understand what they feel and why they do what they do? Depending on where you're coming from, this book may or may not be the panacea to unrequited relationships, heartbreaks and fruitless relationship, but it sure provides a carefully woven insight into "Matters of the heart." It tells you why people should be left alone when need be. Why love is not to be forced, and why one does not have to seek to resurrect a love they have no need for. Unlike other love stories, this is one couched from an African context with relatable content for people from all walks of life. Love is not a straight jacket affair, and it can be figured out using some trusted methods in their proper ways. This book provides these ways to a fault. You will understand why you don't like the good guys and what you can do to get the bad guys off your back and make sense of your love life. Matters of the heart are sensitive, precarious, and can be life threatening. Or how do you explain the action of someone you love who only needs you for sex? You want a deeper connection, yet they offer you something any random stranger can get from them. You love someone and he does not feel same about you.” The book has been in production since October 2017. It implores well researched information and experiences to present a good read. It gets interesting to know that this experience is universal. The one you love does not know you exist, and the one who loves you does not receive any attention from you too. For us to have a sane life, matters of the heart need to be considered as the heart of all matters in our lives. Outgrowing the effects of unrequited love seem almost impossible sometimes, but fear for nothing, they are treatable! Much later in the book, you will find many answers to the enormous questions currently eating your heart up. Welcome on board and thank you for getting a copy of this research-based content....

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