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When I Became A Man

when i became a man

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When I Became a Man is an insightful collection of 12 lessons i have learnt along life's path presented as accessible, inspirational poems. With a focus on growth and progress, it is a refreshing admixture of straight talk to get you out of inertia as well as words stringed together to encourage, reinvigorate and keep you going. So go ahead, bless yourself this moment by feasting on the words on its pages. ...

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Cistern of Treasures

cistern of treasures

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Cistern of treasures is a collection of poems that are not written in the usual flowery poetry language. However, it employs a variety of poetic forms as it seeks to speak to the reader, in direct, accessible language about values, character, principles and certain realities of life. Written with a tint of Christian perspective, and a bias for young people, it nonetheless covers topics that resonate with every one; conveying rich meaning with deep insight. ...

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