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The Wedding Crashers

the wedding crashers

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1. Tracey Ewuse – the leader, the oldest and definitely the smartest, the mastermind and the ‘persuasive’. 2. Imaobong (Ima) Etim – the beautiful one, the sweet talker, the ‘seducer’—‘you can see, you will give, but you definitely won’t touch’. 3. Layla Aleman – the story teller, the youngest, the independent—‘I don’t need a man.’ In the classy, busy city of Abuja, three girls think they can and they will break the hearts of men and get away with it. And they do... well, until they met their perfect matches. ...

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Head Over Heels

head over heels

5K reads

When hot-shot multibillionaire: Gregory Brown is forced to marry before he turns 30, he picks sweet, easygoing Vanessa Odeh; the new intern who recently starts working at5 his company. The plan of it all was simple: fake date, fake being in love, get married and get a divorce once Greg turned 30. Well, easier said than done....

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Once Upon a Trip

once upon a trip

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"Hot hate, twin brother to hit love." -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. the typical not-so-fairytale hate story of Hakeem Al-Hassan and Elenda Adewole. ...

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