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Mine Will Come Tomorrow

mine will come tomorrow

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Rachel Okoye is a highly successful business woman in her late thirties. Despite her achievements, she is dealing with a vacuum in her life. A series of bad luck with men and love have left her feeling like a puzzle missing its final piece. Realizing she was wrong to think a husband would automatically fall in place after accumulating material possessions, Rachel finds herself getting desperate for a husband and becoming less satisfied with life in the process. Mine Will Come Tomorrow shines some light on the pressures and struggles that come with finding love as an older woman. Dealing with the loss of a loved one, investing in men who turn up to be living secret lives, are non-committers or like we say on the streets, turn out to be scum, are all occurring themes in the story....

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Tales of Kelvin 2

tales of kelvin 2

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Kelvin is admitted to study Political Science in his state while Kara leaves the country with her mom to further her education. Kelvin meets and falls in love with Ruthie; his course mate. Meanwhile, his friendship with Kara turns sour. But when he realized that his friend Femi was also in love with the same woman, he withdraws from making any progress.     ...

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Tales of Kelvin 1

tales of kelvin 1

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Kelvin Eze, a young boy of ten grew up in the midst of hardworking and responsible parents and such responsibility; he exhibited to his only little sister. He suffered introversion and also had his reasons for not liking school until he got entangled with a punishment that made him turn a new leaf and he met Kara who helped him and finally they became friends despite the difficulties. He loves visiting his grandparents and was ready to do anything just to visit them and even when his dad refused, he had to permit them because Kara and her mom were already involved....

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