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Don't Use My Toothbrush

don't use my toothbrush

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Globally, 1 in 2 marriages is failing. 50% of first-time marriages fail. 60% of second-time marriages are failing. 73% of 3rd-time marriages are failing. In 7 of 10 marriages – Couples are living separate lives. CAUSE – Conflicts. Conflicts over money, sex, work, time, communication, bad habits, moral beliefs, commitment, unrealistic expectations etc. DON’T be a part of this statistic. The questions in this book are eye-opening and sensitive for good reasons. You’ll find insights on over 500 sensitive but important questions that ladies and men fail to ask their mate before getting married - You’ll be surprised and pleased. Everybody has a past and everybody has baggages. Find out what thoughts, ideas, behaviours, lifestyle, moral beliefs, emotions – past and present they carry in their bags. Consider this book a relationship checkpoint before crossing into the territories of marriage. The most important decision after salvation is the choice of who to marry. Avert future conflicts. Be in agreement over those very sensitive issues. Sort the issues out before they sort you out in future. Love is no longer blind. These questions are an eye opener for anyone who values their relationship and is intentional and serious about their relationship. The best and fastest way to get to really know someone is by asking deliberate and revealing questions. Whether you have been dating for 2 months or have been married for 200 months, you absolutely must know your beloved’s answers to these questions. Friends, It’s easier and safer to stay out of gun range than to attempt to dodge bullets....