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What Am I Going To Eat?

what am i going to eat?

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A one-month family meal plan with a collection of hearty and healthy meals....

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Don't Use My Toothbrush

don't use my toothbrush

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Found someone you truly love and want to commit your life, resources, and time to that person? Wasted your time in-and-out of relationships? Save your time trying to get to know someone for months on end - Just ASK and answer these questions. The best and fastest way to get to really know someone is by asking deliberate and revealing questions. Friends, It’s easier and safer to stay out of gun range than to attempt to dodge bullets. Love is no longer blind. These questions are an EYE-OPENER for anyone who wants to truly know their partner, discover a lot of unknowns and prevent surprises, build a solid loving life-long relationship with mutually respected values. ...

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