I am an author and self taught yogi. I like books, travel, yoga and love. 

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Let's Yoga

let's yoga

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Let's Yoga is a little book introducing anyone who is curious but skeptical about the practice. Yoga sometimes carries an uninformed-based fear for the average person just learning about it and this book is a great resource to learn the basics about yoga and to find your sweet spot in getting a yoga practice that is right for you. Yoga is beyond asana (postures) and you can learn other means of living your yoga in Let's Yoga....

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Girl Woman Child

girl woman child

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From birth, the girl, who later becomes a woman, is told by society that there is something wrong with her gender. This feeds the inherent insecurity that makes her feel like a victim of life. This victimhood mindset colours everything she does and becomes until she sees it and changes her self image. Girl Woman Child is a memoir that chronicles one woman's experience with this inherent insecurity and victimhood. It also shines the light on how she started her healing journey in the midst of accusations and forced silence and most importantly, how she found her voice in silence....

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Naked: A Journey to Self

naked: a journey to self

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NAKED is a powerful narrative about awakening and self-awareness. The author uses personal experiences with religion, shame, mental health, fear, romantic relationships and death to explore her journey from sleepwalking to awakening. She calls it her journey to self. NAKED will challenge you to face your deepest fears and create a life you deserve....

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