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play hard game - adult only (18+)18+

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Five Years Ago… Sami Adom Mensah stood in front of his bedroom’s full-length mirror. He was wearing a three-piece Armani tuxedo with a pair of Testoni Italian leather shoes and a Rolex watch on his wrist. His dark brown hair was combed neatly on his head emphasizing his striking chiseled facial features; strong jaw, well-sculpted nose, thin lips and eyes a shade of blue-gray. He clasped his hands together and rubbed it forcefully, a mannerism he couldn’t avoid whenever he was anxious or nervous. I can’t do this. He thought, rocking his feet back and forth. A knock alerted him from his reverie, made him forget temporarily his uneasiness. “Come in.” He shouted. The door was opened slowly by his mother, Amah Ruth Mensah. Despite being in her forties, she was still very slender and beautiful. Her blue figure-hugging shimmering gown and gold stilettos made her look ten years younger. ...

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