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Dear Daughter

dear daughter

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Abiola AA - Your name is Aleeyah, Medinat is your father's mother, you come from a family of warriors, today is not the day you stop fighting. Mallami Adekunle - I have a feeling I will name you Ruth or a Greek goddess name like Iris, Athena or Metis because you will be strong and you will be different. This is a book for all sons and daughters, both young and old. We hope it meets you well....

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In A King’s Quarters

in a king’s quarters

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When the going gets tough for Kings and Queens, their royalty pride ensures they never give up and look to create a way out of nothing. ‘In A King’s Quarters’ takes a King’s journey through life under the microscope and sheds more light on his pain, struggles, happiness, resentment, and joy. A King will always overcome because of the council of his family, Chiefs (trusted ones), and the people. A King owes it to the people and himself to be the best he can be, and so do you. Because we are all royalties; Kings and Queens in our own rights....

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But Why All This Grammar

but why all this grammar

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A thought provocative piece of writing artistry begging you to forget the usual and think outside the box. This poetry/prose collection show meanings to words in ways you’ve probably never viewed them, it takes the misconception out of these words and breathes an air of simplicity into them. Love, Hatred, Vision, Dreams, Politics and life in general have never been so exquisitely written. This is more than a book! It is perspective!!!...

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