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WHEN I RISE AGAIN (#InstagramShorts)

when i rise again (#instagramshorts)

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Rachel finds love finally in the available arms of Dele but she tries to overcome the price that needs to be paid regarding inter tribal marriages, office politics, and constant battle at her domestic front. The book showcases the struggles of an elite high class career driven single woman in her mid thirties and how she deals with all the societal and emotional darts thrown her way. This short book will keep you at your seat's edge and wanting more. ...

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neon spirits

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Neon Spirits is a set of short stories written by Fisayo Talabi (author of Heat in the Raindrops, Four, The Cassock and a couple of other books) Synopsis: 1. WHAT YOU DID TO GIRL: A short story about female circumcision in the South-South area of Nigeria. A young girl loses her mother and is taken back to the village to live with her grandmother. Her grandmother and the other women in the village team up to circumcise her when she is caught in the bushes with a boy. 2. PERFORATED WINGS: A young man with a very good job in an International Oil Company resigns from his job to pursue his dream of becoming a music business owner. His wife who is used to the luxurious life can not come to terms with the new status. 3. THESE USUAL CHOICES: A young woman is introduced to a man who is based in London and is ready to get married. He wants a quick wedding. She agrees to this with the hope of joining him abroad. This does not materialize. 4. FOOTPRINTS FROM BENEATH: Ekeoma is a widow who has just lost her husband to an accident. Her husband was a wealthy business man. She joins forces with the family lawyer to protect his estate from his family considering that he died without a will and a child. 5. THE REST ROOM: The usual stories that sell are marriages that have gone sour. This is a short story of a couple who can not get over each other. They have a perfect marriage. A perfect marriage is possible. ...

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Heat in the Raindrops

heat in the raindrops

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Muna gets raped on that one visit to her family after being away from home for a while. How does she tell her fiance who treasures her for being a virgin? How does she deal with this when she finds out that she is pregnant...shortly before her wedding? ...

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The Cassock

the cassock

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This short novel is about a pastor's son who has run a woman over by mistake and killed her in the process. He confesses to his Reverend of a father. How is this tragedy managed as expected of a pastor of Reverend Harry Irabor's status in society? Read the intertwines of unemployment, abuse, power, love and a host of many other societal situations....

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The color of chameleon

the color of chameleon

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Jadesola loves Femi and she is set to get married to him. But what happens when her fiancee gets involved in a bomb blast, her old crush comes back stronger than ever before, and she has to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. It keeps unfolding. Unfold the story as you read THE COLOR OF CHAMELEON....

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