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For Ese Oru And Young Girls Like Her

for ese oru and young girls like her

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A terrible plague seems to trail the African society as well as the Nigerian society as a whole. Ese Oru is a young girl who was abducted from her parents at 13 years of age by her Hausa boyfriend Malik. By the time she was found by the police, she was five months pregnant and could speak fluent Hausa - the Nigerian language of her abductor. No one thought nothing of a young girl of the age being pregnant, no none cared, no one saw it as anything out of the usual for a man to go into a girl who should be in school, impregnate her and yet call her his wife in full view and acceptance among his friends and family. Are our girls safe? Are our young girls safe? Can they go to school and become all God has created them to be without disruptions and fighting off strong arms of men like Abdumalik? Can the society cry out and not just talk but ensure that justice is done? Can support be created and followed through for girls like Ese? We are struggling with a deadly plague threatening our young girls and taking them away from the life they are entitled to. For Ese Oru and young girls like her is a fiction book set in the Nigerian/African context; calling for justice for young abused girls....

Chastity For The Ladies Who Want To Please Their Father

chastity for the ladies who want to please their father

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Hephzibah Frances knows what it's like to sink deep into the sin of sexual immorality and still feel hopeless to stop it - even as a Christian. As a young girl, her story started from when she was 11 and encountered pornography at home. That singular act would begin a journey that spanned more than 11 years against the demon of lust. Tongue talker but a porn addict... Spirit-filled but masturbating... In love with Jesus but unable to stop melting at the hands of a lover... Today, she lives free from the addiction to pornography, sex, masturbation and has been drawn out of a stint with lesbianism. Many look at her today and think her story was always squeaky clean - it wasn't. But she has experienced the redemptive power of God to set one from FREE from the chains of lust, sin and death. In this book she details her story, journey and victory and what's more? How you can also walk in victory from the demon of lust and sin that ravages today's generation! The Holy Spirit is the answer. Jesus is the answer and HE IS HERE TO HELP YOU! If you need help from the shackles of sin and sexual immorality, Here is that help looking right back at you! "I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh." -Galatians 5:16 NKJV...

Chastity For Men

chastity for men

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“Chastity For Men” is a book that’s as real as it can get. This is not a manual telling you some steps picked out of the sky on finding freedom from sexual addictions. Yes, there are some steps to freedom that are shared in the book, but ultimately, this is a book sharing the story of real life people behind the scenes, aiming to please God with their bodies. One lady… Four men… Real life stories of male virgins… Real life transformations from sexual addictions to wholeness… You will learn the truth about sex. You will read just how much God’s grace can help you break the chains of sin’s hold over you. You will finally break the silence and and live above the shame that surrounds sexual topics and issues in the Church. And when you get to the end of the book – hopefully and prayerfully, you will also surrender your body as a living sacrifice – wholly and totally to God. ...

New Beginnings

new beginnings

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Sophia is a broken girl living in Massachusetts with lots of questions. Does God really mean what He says? Does He do what He says? Everyone she knows testifies that God has failed them and drawn back on a word He gave them... Tired of the same ol' same ol' in her life, she gives God an ultimatum. 'Show up or I go home'...and then the strangest thing happens; He shows up. She encounters an angel. Clem is an angel sent in response to a prayer prayed by tired-angry-and-not-on-speaking-terms-with-God 23 year old. She is God's beloved so when he gets the word to go unveil things she has never known to her, he comes, bearing revelation and truth - the science behind New Beginnings.... Do you need a New Beginning in your life? This is it; the science behind New Beginnings as unveiled by an angel from the Lord Almighty Most High....


making a difference with your nysc year

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Every year, millions of youths take part in the Nigerian Youth Service Corp Scheme… the foreign trained youths and home trained youths meet at a central point called NYSC. Both categories of youths are usually characterized by one emotion – uncertainty about what the year will bring. This book will wipe off that fear from your heart, inspire you to go forth into NYSC, hitting goals and inspiring lives even as your life will also be transformed. Practical steps on making a difference in the lives of others, with your “allowee”, in the business world and the world at large will be revealed to you. And at the end of your 12 months in NYSC, you also will leave NYSC like the author did, knowing that you were not just a statistic and you made a difference! ...