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Sweven - Adult Only (18+)

sweven - adult only (18+)18+

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Richard Dappa, level 400, Chemical Engineering, University of Port Harcourt, 3136 words What happens when a poor man keeps sleeping and waking up as a rich man? Is he really a poor man or a rich man? Who is Papa Ebuka, who is Mr. Roberts? Are they both the same person? Which of these two realities is a dream? Where is the Sweven?...

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Emotions; Au Naturel

emotions; au naturel

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Emotions; Au Naturel is a collection of poems, epigrams and micro fictions inspired by the everyday emotions we dish out of life's pot, I did this because i have seen loneliness make people do the unthinkable. I hope this reaches you in time, i hope you realize after reading this that you are not alone. I feel what you feel and things will eventually get better, just keep believing....

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