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Have you ever felt weak because things affect you more than others? Meet Zelah Cooper, an estranged sous chef in search of her peace of mind despite the horrors of her traumatic past. When she meets Samuel and sparks fly, Zelah decides to explore the possibilities. Samuel Holden is everything on the outside, from his looks to his cooking skills. He has successfully buried his past until he meets Zelah. His attempts to be her knight in shining apron threatens to unearth everything he has spent the last four years forgetting. But the past can only stay hidden for so long. When their truths are out in the open, what will become of Zelah and Samuel? After all, no one wants a broken person....

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The Chase

the chase

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It is meant to be a weekend of adventure, fun and relaxation; but when their paths cross - Anthony and his family, the young lovers, and Chima and his friends – it turns into a cycle of violence, bloodshed, and death. The motive? Money!...

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In Red Mud

in red mud

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Amidst her anxiety for the future, Uju runs on the fuel of the present. Her streaks of academic heights come crashing down when she doesn’t clear Physics in her WAEC, pulling her out of her inbuilt security. She goes to Enugu with her family on the guise of a short visit to her Uncle and his family, but she's left there to spend time before her NECO results are released. She has only one option: to pass it or stay and find a remedy because missing a year is not an option. There, she meets Azubuike, a local boy with his head far into the future, who makes her want to stay. Will her anxiety for the future affect her wholly or will she take steps towards opening her mind?...

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I Once Had You

i once had you

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Taiwo Gholahun believes that men should be in charge -- absolute control -- when it comes to relationship. When she met Fash, she wants nothing more than to never see him again....

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Stars In A Beautiful Night

stars in a beautiful night

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The thing about life is that it thrives on the unexpected. Kiishi, a rising superstar who'd rather be anything but himself. Fumnanya, a girl who wants to disappear into a shell where the world wouldn't hurt her anymore. Two paths cross on a starry night on the edge of the water. What happens when two broken people keep interacting? Will they heal and complete each other or will their ripped edges injure beyond repair?...

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