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Davidisms: Thoughts on God, Dreams and other Social Issues

davidisms: thoughts on god, dreams and other social issues

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Arguments get stressful and posting on social media can make one lose their mind, so David did the next best thing: he wrote this book. A compilation of the author's thoughts on different issues and topics in this day and age. A way to start a peaceful discussion....

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I Plead Insanity

i plead insanity

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I PLEAD INSANITY is a collection of poems, written over a period of time from the experiences and sights of the author. Through poetry, it discusses themes of mental illnesses, rape, emotional trauma, etc. Combining subtlety with raw truth, it is a little out of the ordinary, a perfect fit for a beautiful mind....

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Tanka Told on a Blue-Mooned Night

tanka told on a blue-mooned night

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Tanka Told on a Blue-mooned Night. A collection of poems, that subtly explore a couple of controversial themes. This work is written through the eyes and engraved in the ink of the author, who sees herself as an unmasked, mystical sailor—sailing across controver-seas. She tells her story from her sojourn....

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Bride Price

bride price

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"You know I cannot commit such atrocity my love. I cannot sleep with anothers wife." Tomori stressed, looking away as she moved to untie her once white wrapper. It was now brown and dirty, showing all she had to suffer just to make sure there was no stain of blood on it. Brown and black was allowed, but not red. Not yet. "I would rather die than be called the wife of that animal." She hissed. "Yet you are his wife anyways, and until we leave his territory, you would always be his wife." He replied. "My lord, I'm beginning to think that you don't want me any more." Abebi sniffles and he freezes in discomfort. "My loyalties have been sworn to the king since I became a warrior." "You had better choose one, your loyalties to your king, or your loyalty to me." ... The prophecy was simple, only Abebi could give the aged king a son, only she could bear the heir to the throne. Thrown into a marriage she despised, Abebi runs away with her lover, the head warrior of the village, in search of refuge and another life. But fate has other plans, as the king is not ready to have his only chance of having a son slip through his fingers. Cue bloodshed and war, it's a fight of survival, and a quest for freedom. ... For Tomori to finally get his wife, he must pay the highest bride price. He must pay with his life. For every love story comes with a price....

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Babies and Lies

babies and lies

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One more lie would do no harm. That was Chizaram's motto and it had worked well for her. Weaving an intricate web of deceit involving foetuses was the art of legends–she was a legend. Unexpected circumstances force her to make a decision; tell the truth or become pregnant. Fast. After all, it's just another lie......

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