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the path of understanding.

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“and because I consider all your precepts right, I hate every wrong path”. (Psalm 119:128 NIV) Beloved, are you at the cross-road of decision and do not know which path to take? Are you confused, distressed, frustrated and defeated because you don't understand some spiritual principles and their rightful applications to produce the desired results in your life? Then, this book is the answer to your prayers. You see, it is a terrible thing to deviate from the “Path of Understanding”;because of its disastrous end- physical, spiritual, financial and emotional death etc. Following the written word (Bible) and specific revelation from the Holy Spirit is a sure guide that guarantees glorious living and saves one from the wrong path in life. In this book, the following essential issues are thoroughly analyzed and expounded in simple terms to enhance your understanding, which will produce excellent results in your life, thus: 1) Key to Perfect Peace 2) Effective Time Management 3) The Chemistry of Prayer 4) Faith [The Divine leverage) 5) Finding the Will of God in all Issues of Life 6) The Three Most Important Things in Life 7) The Effect of Praise 8) How to obtain Wisdom and Understanding 9) The "Word" - [The Spiritual Microscope]! 10) Offensive Weapons of Spiritual Warfare against Wickedness and Afflictions And many more, beloved you are welcome on board this Ark of Covenant as we shall navigate through the “Path of Understanding”, to our Promised Land that flows with milk and honey. Moreover, if you love Rev. T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Rhapsody of Realities, and Derek Prince Devotional, then this book is also an excellent read for you. Rejoice Always! ...

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Consider Jesus

consider jesus

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This is an in-depth revelation of the secret mystic of God’s word, expounded with the most simple and relevant illustrations. It contains the secrets codes of the kingdom principles and its expository applications and relevance in various field of study as follows: Science, Arts, Business, Law, Philosophy and Mathematics. And in it you will study and apply the following thus: 1. Study and apply the Arts of Creation in creating anything you want in your life. 2. Learn and understand how to open an account with God’s bank and transact business successfully. 3. Understand the True meaning of the words “RICH” and “POOR”. 4. Learn and understand how “Money answers all things; even your prayers”. 5. Learn and apply the Law used by JESUS; in creating Exponential Abundance, when he fed 5000 and 4000 men with few loaves of bread and fish. Beloved, let’s get inside and embark on this adventurous voyage of discovery with the Holy Spirit of God as our compass and captain of the ship. REJOICE EVERMORE! ...

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