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It is a common notion that when two Christians come together in holy matrimony, then their marriage should be heaven on earth. But what happens when barely a year into such marriage everything seems to be falling apart? Is this the case of the popular scripture, "if the foundation be destroyed what shall the righteous do?" (Lol and winks... My lips are sealed), then my new story "UNTAMED" is for you. Enjoy every page as we unravel the mystery behind "The Adams" misery....

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Finding Mr. Right

finding mr. right

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This story reveals the life of three beautiful ladies and how they find love understanding that life is beyond finding Mr. Right. It's humour filled and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Get ready to laugh your head off. Trust me, this ain't your regular novel....

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Kemi has been running from her past and now it seems her past is catching up with her. She is angry at the world, her mother, step father and most especially God. She has been hurt, disappointed, bruised and broken and she thinks God is the culprit. Now, Tunde is out to win her soul at all cost. But would he, before he enters her blacklist? The question isn't, if God is able to patch her broken pieces. She's already bent on fixing that. Or maybe she isn't doing a good job at it. The question is can God make her brand new? This heart gripping novel tells the story of redemption, soul winning, forgiveness, love and grace. It's a must read for every one....

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