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I wish I knew this before I went to the University

i wish i knew this before i went to the university

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How do you pass through the university and ensure that the university passes through you without destroying you? These short stories place practical principles at your doorsteps. Lace your hearts with their learning points and enjoy the rough roads ahead. ...

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I wish I knew this before I was fourteen

i wish i knew this before i was fourteen

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 Oyengworo is an amazing lecturer. How did he handle the gruesome rejection as a teen?  Eketi is completely unsure of how to manage her first crush. She thinks she’s found her future husband.  Could Ayibakuro, the smallest boy in the class, crystallize his reputation as a leader? These teens groped with the same challenges you face and overcame them. Read and digest Fifteen stories about how teens like you, made choices that brought success. With learning points and questions for group discussions at the end of every story, parents and teachers can also use this book to facilitate small group meetings at school, picnics, and other youth events. ...

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I think I like her

i think i like her

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It was a casual conversation I posted the first conversation of my Facebook group, I posted it on Single But Not Stupid (now with over 200,000 members) And the conversations began to pour in... We went from one post And we ended in 18 posts With hundreds of comments So we compiled the posts Now, you can read them yourself If you are a teenager, and you think you like her, Read this book. If you are a teenager, and you think you like him, Read this book. If you work with teen, and they told you they are in love Get them to read this book. It is the wisdom they need for a time like this. ...

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How did this happen

how did this happen

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This book will provide answers to common relationship blunders in this sex-hyped generation. Loaded with simple analyses, unbiased lessons and undeniable facts, it dissects specific events in the love-sex-relationship triangle with a view of defining, explaining and providing remedies for each blunder. It is an easy read and a quick reference manual for all. ...

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My Emotions and I

my emotions and i

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There are five broad categories and Seven Resilience skills of Emotional Intelligence. My Emotions and I use short stories to teach each of these categories and skills in an engaging and creative way. If you enjoy short stories, then MY EMOTIONS AND I will help you grasp the beauty of Emotional Intelligence in everyday life....

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